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Originally Posted by Uziel Gal View Post
It's more efficient than most spool valve markers, right out of the box. Even more so with the "Gold Member" after market bolt.

Has a nice, smooth roller bearing trigger as standard, with magnetic return, and includes a large trigger guard.

It has an LPR (something that a Shocker lacks).

Much cheaper than a DM.

Comes with a grip frame that can be mounted in two positions on the marker to suit your taste.

Two-piece barrel.

Built in snatch grip as standard.

Stock clamping feed neck (with lever clamping module available to add to the stock neck).

OK, nothing that I have said is revolutionary, and other than the good efficiency, nothing really stands out as being spectacular, but equally, there's nothing that stands out as being bad. It's a good, solid, quality marker all round, with no bad points to highlight it's good points. Add it's lack of bad points to it's high efficiency and a trigger that some people rave about, and you have a marker that justifies it's cost.

If I needed another marker (and I really don't), and I didn't have the $1200+ for an Ego7, DM7 etc. then the Quest would be towards the top of a very short list of markers that I would happily take in their place.
well if i had the money to spend would this be good as a first gun. Keep in mind though i am not a noob player it is just that i dont have my own gun yet i am a very good player looking to find a team to play on afer about a month of getting used to what ever gun i get. so this if the fores gun i will have bought but i do have high standards so if you think this gun isnt for me then what gun do you think would be right for me?
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