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Originally Posted by pantzaroff16 View Post

As far as the past is concerned.. Collegeboy has a point. Alabama WAS dominant. Legit or not is a matter of opinion and you won't be able to prove it to him.


Onto point number 2.

How many games will Bama be winning this year because of tradition and history?
Please tell me what is a legit national title? Since we do not have a playoff system, is anyone ever a legit champion?

I am sorry that for the past 100 years or so, your team has been mediocre and it took the current Alabama coach to make you a decent team.

Oh, have you all invented a rivalry yet, for as it stands now, you tried with Florida, it did not work. You are now trying with Bama, and it will not work. (Bama fans could care less about LSU). You might want to try for Southern Miss, they are closer.

A few, because when it comes down to it, schools with rich traditions get some players that schools without it does not.

But over all, I will say Bama will win 10 games.

Sat, Sep 01 Western Carolina Tuscaloosa WIN

Sat, Sep 08 Vanderbilt * at Nashville, Tenn. LOSE

Sat, Sep 15 Arkansas * Tuscaloosa WIN

Sat, Sep 22 Georgia* Tuscaloosa WIN

Sat, Sep 29 Florida State at Jacksonville, Fla. WIN

Sat, Oct 06 Houston (Homecoming) Tuscaloosa WIN

Sat, Oct 13 Ole Miss* at Oxford, Miss. WIN

Sat, Oct 20 Tennessee* Tuscaloosa WIN

Sat, Nov 03 LSU* Tuscaloosa LOSE

Sat, Nov 10 Mississippi State* at Starkville, Miss. WIN

Sat, Nov 17 Louisiana-Monroe Tuscaloosa WIN

Sat, Nov 24 Auburn* at Auburn, Ala. WIN
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