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Originally Posted by pantzaroff16 View Post
I just supported you by saying that you DO in fact have rich tradition. How dense are you? I also said that you can't prove or disprove legitimacy.

I understand some players get a few players because of tradition. But you don't seem to understand that tradition =/= wins.
You asked a question, I answered it. If you did not want me to answer the question, then do not answer it.

Oh, and in case you missed it, I was not trying to prove that UA has a rich tradition, I just stated it, for it goes without saying. Makes me wonder where you pulled that from, anyways.

In addition, it seems that you again failed to read. Can a tradition led to wins, yes, do it always, no. It goes without saying that a team with a rich tradition has an easier time recruiting players then those without one. Because of that, a rich tradition -> better players -> more wins. There are other factors involved of course (past season, current prospects, current/past players, etc.....)

Hopefully you will understand this, I know they drink a lot at LSU, but I hope it is not affecting your reading ability.
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