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Eh, always with the technical stuff.. You're absolutely right, a paintball will never go that far, nor will a scope be effective when shooting at the maximum range because as you said you have to arc your shots. However I still do beleive that a Sniper could exist, why?

I usually don't get technical because we are talking paintball here, in the end we are all just a bunch of guys/gals who like running around shooting each other with little paint filled spheres. However when you think about it, if you told someone you were an accurate paintball propeller, you'd be right, but wheres the fun in that. Its like if I called the speedball bunkers geometric balloons I'd be right, but it would probably annoy them to no end.

In the end all paintball markers have about the same range, accuracy, and arguably consistancy. However this is where the human element shines, because unlike machines people aren't equally skilled. I've seen players that can hit targets at 300+ feet within five shots, and on the other side of the spectrum I've seen players who couldn't hit a still target from less than 20 feet.

However I don't beleive being accurate at long range is the only thing close to being a sniper. I think some of the best snipers are people who can hit people from less than 40 feet away and be undetected.

Its ultimately up to each and every one of you to decide if it makes it more or less fun to play a role. I think my brother is as close to being a sniper in paintball as it gets, and I like the role of squad captain, it adds fun to our game. So be rambo, or paintball dude, or whatever, just enjoy yourself.
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