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Originally Posted by Uziel Gal View Post
Don't use price as any indication of quality - WGP prices are up in the air at the moment. Not to mention that a tactical Autococker won't necessarily sell as well as a normal one, pushing prices down either further. Which do you reckon has the best sales figures, an Ion or the SP8? Same thing here.

The Trilogy Tactical is definitely a better marker than the Sport. The stock regulator and low pressure valving make it equivalent to the Competition, just as rridgeway has stated.
Geez really! that bites since I just bought a sport a month ago used for more then tacticals are selling new now

pilot acs, minor ups
05 superstock, still BNIB
04 prostock, stock used once so far my new favorite!
trilogy pro, ups to the max
trilogy sport, reg, + more
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