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Originally Posted by Evil_Wayz View Post
You know if Nick Saban coached a 'Bama team versus Satan and the minions of Hell for all the souls of mankind, I would be at the game wearing red and waving a pitchfork.
Fair enough, at least you would be pulling for the losing team.

For you know that Saban actually died when he was in Miami. He got up to heaven and St. Peter said, "Nick, you led a good life, but your job on earth is not over yet. There is a football program that was once all mighty and has recently fallen on hard times. Their fans are desperate for a winning season and have started to lose faith. We think that you are just the man to turn that program around and restore the faith that these fans once had"

Saban replied, "I will be glad to do so, but before I go I must meet Jesus one time.

St Peter thought long and hard about it and said, "Yes you may. Please this way."

Approaching Jesus, Saban was awestruck for now he was truly in the presence of greatness. St Peter said, this is as close as we can get for Jesus is working, but if you look over there you will see him. All of sudden, though all the haze Saban saw an older man wearing an hound-tooth hat leaning against a goal post. Saban was confused, he asked St Peter "Is Jesus the legendary coach Paul Bear Bryant."

St Peter laughed and said , "No no, he is Jesusí coach, Jesus is the one wearing the number 12 crimson jersey."
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