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[b]Body and Color: stockb Black
Front and back block: stock
Frame: 2001 right feed
LPR: Palmer rock reg
Ram (qevs if any): Belsales .44 magnum
3-way Besales bomb 3way
Bolt and pin: stock
Valve: Palmer LT valve
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: stock with madman spring kit
Ball Detent: stock
Cocking Rod: Has a hex for the IVG
Trigger Frame: .45 Benchmark
Regulator: Palmer Fatty stabilizer
Barrel: stock (teardrop coming)
Hopper: 200 round
Air Tank: CF 68/4500 with hyperflow 400 reg.
Consistency: Not bad at all. 5 inches apart with stock barrel
Efficiency: Not too sure yet, havent played with it.
Amount of paint through the gun: only about 1000 rounds
Date Received: rebuilt in june 2007
Problems?: I need to try a electric hopper, as it does dryfire when rapid firing with the right feed. BUT I dont play speed ball so..
Comments: has short trigger pull and would be fast with hinge trigger.

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