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Originally Posted by mgitlin View Post
SHOULD is the key word. But I imagine if you take a survey of all the players on pbr, less than 10% wear their mask everytime they air (and/or test fire) their gun.

and don't worry, I made sure to stress the rarity of my mistake to everyone I had to tell. I also made sure they knew it wasn't during an actual day of play (since I was actually just testing/tweaking it).

To zofarr & 98c: Yeah, this is definitely not a light situation, but part of me can't help but laugh. It was a really stupid, HIGHLY AVOIDABLE mistake. It always seems that the 1 time you don't double check something is the time something goes wrong. I already kinda look back and laugh on it. Yeah, it hurts, and kinda stinks, but there's nothing else to do but look, learn, and laugh (and pass the message on).

I really can't complain about getting an eye messed up doing something I like to do (well, partially related to something I like to do), when there are many other ppl in the world having worse situations that they didn't put themselves in ...

EDIT: and the fact I did it to myself doesn't make the sport look as bad atleast I hope it doesn't...
WOW.....awesome attitude's kind of the way I think when I do something stupid to myself. God it sucks, but man, I am a moron for doing that (case in point...climbing a branch at 12 years old that a squirrel proly would have broke, and falling 20 feet...Glad I was a kid, cause any older and I proly woulda been paralyzed.) Looking back, I laugh at myself all the time, cause I SHOULD have known better, but cause I was awesome at climbing trees, thought nothing of it.
So yeah, in time, you proly will laugh at yourself (or your already doing it), but you'll never forget this lesson again....
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