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Originally Posted by that_guy View Post
Is it just me or is this Florida-Ole Miss game way closer than what it should be?

Start of the 3rd, Florida 14, Ole Miss 6

I personally can't wait until the LSU-South Carolina game here in another hour.
We do NOT play well in the state of Mississippi.

I have the following to say:

To Coach O- You sir, make me proud to be in the SEC.

You have THREE playmakers on your team, an rb, a qb, and a wr, and you put up more points on Florida than UT.

AS to my Gators, I have the following:

1. Double Digit penalties? WE DUZ NOT WANT!


3. Tebow is still the man, 426 yards of total offense and 168 yards rushing. The Chosen One gets a pass.
However the REST of you idjits ( i'm looking at you David Nelson and Jonathon Phillips and Kyle Jackson) Play like that in Death Valley if you wanna be staring up at a double goose egg in the 4th.



Budweiser time.
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