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Originally Posted by Tabris17 View Post
Mine has more side to side play then I would care for, though it shoots fine. But the trigger has a 'ping' to it because it's made out of metal so it kind of masks the microswitch click sometimes. I'm debating getting a delrin one made honestly just to kill that ping.
Yeah, the OG doesn't have any slop at all - I thought my Mini was pretty tight in this regard, but the Quest doesn't move at all.

After finally shooting it last night, I do feel that I was spoiled with the Mini's hall effect sensor, because now I have to dink with the Quest's trigger more: Through the movement of the trigger, there's a point where the grab of the magent lets off, but the trigger still has some space before activating the microswitch. I'd like to eliminate that feeling as much as I can so there's just a uniform pull tension... eh, something to learn...

I've also humbled myself by how little I know of current markers - I could take my ancient mech Spyder down to every last spring, shake it all up in a box, and put it all back together, which I thought gave me some credibility... the Mini didn't need any adjustments, and there's basically no adjustments to make... but this Quest is my first real step into today's normal marker, and it's really going to give me some lessons (ha ha, you cocker vetrans can laugh).

I'll be co-runnning the Q & A department for a while now, fulfilling the role of the Q side
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