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Originally Posted by Tabris17 View Post
Though it bounces like a fat chick on a trampoline, I need the board manual to fix it.
Sounds like the problems I was having, it's the firing point activation screw more than anything.

I was trying to do everything board-side, cranking bounce to 5 and delay to 40 (stock is 2 and 10), but no bones... I did a few adjustments on the trigger, but still wasn't fully there.
I finally admitted defeat and took it to the shop after adjusting the trigger a bit. They adjusted the firing point activation screw in a bit more so it was pressing the switch sooner and lessened the grab of the magnet a bit for smoothness. I guess they didn't look at the board settings, because it's still at 5 and 40, I'll see if I can turn those down later.

Anyway, here's a closeup of my trigger in case you want an idea of how far in/out I have my screws: (3068x1652, 2.6 MB)
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