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Night of the Living Dead X

"Vampire", a word that brings fear into the hearts all living humans. Vampires - the Living Dead, who prey upon the unsuspecting who fall under their spell when darkness falls. Until now…
One lone American has the guts and determination to take on these undead souls… Alex Quartermain. He has gathered a small band of true believers willing to take on Count Alucard, a man of questionable past, and his legion of the "Undead."
Do you dare to join Quartermain in this foray into the depths of the unknown in search of Count Alucard and his minions?
Do you have what it takes - cajones of steel and iron fortitude - to participate in this 10 hour Wayne Dollack Scenario Game, knowing that if you fail, you too could become one of the Undead? Doomed to walk the earth in search of innocent victims to satisfy your bloodlust?

Come - join us on Saturday, October 27th
10 a.m until 8 p.m. for all the creepy crawly horror-filled fun.
per person pre registered
$35 after October 22nd deadline
Event Paint Only!

Mail-In Registration Online Registration Waivers and Forms
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