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"A sniper is an infantry soldier who specializes in shooting from a concealed position over longer ranges than regular infantry, often with a specially designed or adapted sniper rifle. It requires skill in marksmanship, camouflage and field craft." - wikipedia

Now as others have said before on other inquiries on this matter..."Ambush Specialist" is a more appropriate term.

I do agree with some of the stuff said. Snipers don't need silencers. Look at the Barrett. 50 Cal round, muzzle break, loud as hell, 2 mile effective range. I like to think of it as more of a portable tank barrel.

"Anyone can sit in camo and wait and shoot from a concealed location. They are called Hunters. Ever go Duck or Goose hunting?
Sure you can shoot far or always hit persons in the googles, then you are a marksman.
If you are a lonewolf, you are NOT a sniper. True snipers should work in "2" man cells, but they should be always Linked to a bigger force leading the way or moving to help "Flank" from a concealed location when their force meets resistance.
SNIPING IS NOT ABOUT KILLS or taking out a whole squad, That my friends is a "Rambo"
. You must be a team player, keyword on a team. They must be strategic, stealthy and communicate, know how to follow orders and when to and NOT to pull a trigger."

I whole heartedly agree.
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