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The Etek is quite similar to an '05 Ego, but manufacture has been simplified and some features have been left off or changed in order to keep the price down - you can kind of think of it as being like the comparison between a Trilogy and a normal Autococker.

The Etek has no QEVs fitted, which reduces the cycle rate by about 5cps according to Planet. Then again, when you are comparing the ability to shoot 25bps to 30bps, are you really losing anything? The stock board allows ramping up to 15.4bps, or unlimited semi, but no-one can shoot 25bps in true semi anyway, so you'll never miss that extra 5 cycles per second unless you switch to an aftermarket board, and if you do, 25bps is plenty anyway.

The board uses a microswitch rather than an optical sensor, so the trigger feel is a bit different. Another difference in the trigger is that you have an adjustment screw to adjust how hard the trigger spring pushes the trigger forwards - the Ego uses a magnet to provide return force, and rather than being mounted behind the trigger, it is mounted above and in front of the trigger, so it actually pulls the trigger forwards, providing another difference in trigger feel.

The board does not feature an LCD, using colour backlit buttons for feed back instead. The control buttons are still used to navigate around the options, but settings are now changed via trigger pulls.

Other than these changes, and obviously the cosmetic differences, they are very similar markers.
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