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Body and Color: 05 Superstock/Prostock Blue/Black
Front and back block: Stock front and back block
Frame: Worrframe with E1 Samurai Trigger
LPR: WGP Orracle Tickler
Ram (qevs if any): WGP MP4
Pump arm: Stock
Bolt and pin: Alamo City "Low-Blow" with stock pull pin
Valve: Evil Highflow Valve
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex:Stock hammer,low resistance springs,stock IVG
Ball Detent: CP Delrin Ball Detent
Cocking Rod: Stock cocking rod
Beavertail: Stock beavertail
Feedneck: Warrior clamping feedneck
Regulator: Evil Detonator
Barrel: J&J 2 Piece 14" Barrel
Hopper: Stock Halo B with hybrid speedfeed
Air Tank: Crossfire 68/3000 with blue Redz cover
Consistency: 281,284,282,282,283,281
Efficiency: ~800 shots
Amount of paint through the gun: More than 12 cases
Date Received: 9/15/07
Problems?: None
Comments: My favorite gat, shoot it over any gun since I'm used to it. Gave me alot of kills and was always reliable. Never broke down yet. Took awhile to upgrade it to what it is now through alot of questioning and great answers from thanks guys!
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