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You might want to look at the Cure bolt if you are breaking paint. Other than that, there isn't a whole lot to be gained by going aftermarket. If you just have to upgrade, there's the Kila bolt, New Designz bolt and the Orange bolt. All good quality, and all get the job done, but then, so does the stock bolt.

Much more clear cut as far as the boards are concerned - Tadao. Tadao's M7 firmware simply offers more than the Virtue firmware and costs less. Win/win. Virtue make big claims about having better eye logic and trigger response, but I've used a variety of high end stock and aftermarket boards, and Virtue really isn't any better in these areas than the majority of quality boards - it's just hype. So why pay more and get less? The only advantage Virtue have over Tadao is the 15bps cap switch. Flick a switch, and the Virtue board is capped, whereas the Tadao requires programming to set it from unlimited (or whatever other rate it may be set to) to 15bps. Other than that one convenient addition, the Tadao wins out. Having said that, if the tourny timer does not agree with the Tadao boards 15bps setting, you would have to program the correct rate of fire in to the Virtue board, so the Virtue boards cap switch isn't necessary that big an advantage anyway.
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