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I'm not exactly sure where the North area of 'Peg is, but both Badlands and CP have a store there.

Badlands Winnipeg
1062 Pembina Hwy
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 1Z8
Phone: (204) 478 1272
Fax: (204) 478 1883 Winnipeg
303 Nassau St N
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
R3L 2J5
Email -
Note* Winnipeg Email is to the Pro Shop ONLY, they cannot answer internet order questions. Thank you.
Ph - (204) 453-1077
Store Hours:
Monday 4pm-8pm CST
Tuesday - Wednesday 12pm-8pm CST
Thursday - Friday 12pm-9pm CST
Saturday - 10am-7pm CST
Sunday - Closed

Hopefully either of these are remotely helpful.
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