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Board Identification

Alright I stumped PBN, FEP is being slow, and Inoviq is all question marks - let's see what you guys can do:

Here's the email I sent to FEP:

I'm having trouble identifying my board.

Picture of the marker:

Picture of the board:

When powering the board on, I get three green flashes followed by a solid red.
When entering programming, the board flashes the sequence teal-purple-yellow-teal-white-purple-yellow-white-teal-purple-yellow-teal-purple-yellow-teal-purple-yellow before stopping at red (I may have missed some colors, it happens very quickly. I had to record it with a video camera).

The board looks like it's an Inoviq, but I've been in contact with Inoviq, and their programming mode flashes blue and purple.
Sources at assure me it's not a WAS board, because my board is removable.

can you help me identify the board?
And when it flashes that sequence for programming, it's FAST. I had a Canon SD60 digital camera, took a video of the light sequence in the camera's fast shutter setting, then had to step through it frame by frame on my computer (well, as best as I could in Media Player) to determine the sequence.

my local shop received this and a few other Quests (in red metallic gloss) from KEE's local warehouse here in Oregon... dunno if that means anything. I know there's a story between FEP and KEE, but I don't know what that is.

If anything I match the original manual - I think the only online copy is here. Everything else doesn't match on at least 2 seperate issues, such as lighting sequences or features
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