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The story with KEE and FEP was FEP had a Quest Tech program in which people or groups of people would break down a quest and then reassemble them to learn about the marker. From what I have heard some of the markers were missing parts, had some broken wires, or were missing major things like a bolt in one case I heard. KEE picked these markers up without making sure they were in working, fully together order and started shipping them out. When people got them they weren't working for one reason or another.

The board you have is definately an Inoviq as I can see it's Revision 2.2 on the board. Good job on getting that in the pic. However something tells me you have a different chip in there and the Inoviq boards I believe all have a removable chip, I know my black 2.3 board does.
I would cross reference your sequence to the NOX chip and the Hater chip to start. I don't think it's an APE chip, I don't even know if they make a chip for them but I have heard it thrown around the FEP forum. I would check at NOX and Hater first.
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