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FAQ about the Cyborg.

Work in progress bare with for a while.

Where can I buy a Cyborg?

What kind of marker is the Cyborg?
Cyborgs are ram/poppet markers.

What barrels threads are Cyborgs?

What threads are the feedneck?

AKA threading. Same used on Vikings and Excaliburs.

How fast do Cyborgs shoot?

The 06/07 Models have been tested at 46 Cycles per second. With paint they have shot 34 balls per second.

What is the effeciency of the Cyborg?
Roughly 2000 shots from a full 68/4500 fill. Borgs get better when broken in so do not expect to see this number for a while but out of the box they are still impressive.

What kinds of Cyborgs are there?
There are the 04 Cyborg, 05 Cyborg, and Sonic Cyborg. These three are built on the same platform and are similar except for differences in milling and upgrades as far as internals. The Sonic is the most advanced of this generation.
The newest models are the 06 and 07 Cyborg. Differences are milling as the 07 has deeper cuts and the bolt tube has been cut down. The grip frame on the 06 is 1/4 inch taller then the 07 Cyborg and other markers. A common issue is aftermarket grips leave a gap between the eye covers and top of the grip, exposing the eye wires. A piece of tape over this gap is a quick fix.

Special Editions for the 04/05/Sonic are the Lava Borgs, Ocean Borgs, and Sunet Borgs. Lava borgs are 1 of 9 or 1 of 12, I forget which. Ocean Borgs are 1 of 3. I do not recall the number for the Sunset Borgs but they are very rare.
Special Editions for the 06 Cyborg are the Momma's Boys, Jersey Ranjerz, and X-Fighter$.
Special Editions for the 07 Cyborg are the Nurvous, Sunset, and Jersey Ranjerz.
Please Note: Momma's Boys and Nurvous are team markers and there were only three Nurvous markers sold publicly but for all intents and purposes the only way to get one is used.
Ranjerz are also team markers but there were also several sold to the public so it's very hard to tell what was actually a team marker and what was a public release.
X-Fighter$ are a standard public release special edition based on the 06 platform despite looking more like an 07.
Sunset saw one public release in the US, I believe there were only three made.

What should I upgrade on my Cyborg?

Trigger based upon preference, the PBK delrin triggers are nothing short of amazing if I must say.
Boards are based upon preference once again but nothing is wrong with the stock boards in the 06/07 models. The 04/05/Sonic models have a Tadao board and Virtue board as the stock board is semi only.
Everything else leave it alone and leave it stock. People have tried lighter rams and have not succeeded, Cyborgs work best with stock internals.

How should I set my regs?
LPR should be flush with the ram cap OR air up the marker and slowly turn the LPR in until the bolt cocks. Then keep turning and dry fire until the marker will fully cycle then go 1/4 to 1/2 turn more; this is good if you do not have the ram gauge tool. If you have the tool 65-75 psi is what you are looking for.
HPR should be between 200-220 psi. Do NOT go above 220 psi, you risk damaging the noid.

How do I adjust the Gladiator reg?
For the 05 and 07 versions it's out for up and in for down. Turn SLOWLY though, in 1/8th turns and keep your eyes on the gauge. Gladiators are VERY SENSITIVE and you can blow your noid extremely easily. People do it out of the box more then you think.

What lubes should I use?
Dow 33/Sl33k or Dow 55.
I do not recommend Hater Sauce for this marker, it's too thin for the regs. Though you can use it on the ram but I would not use it any where else.

I have First Shot Drop Off. What do I do?
First is to check to make sure your regs are set properly. Second is to remove your bolt and then ram cap, pulling the ram body from the marker and then removing the ram.
Take a q-tip and clean the inside of the ram body where the ram sits. Then make sure that there is no lube on the o-ring on the back of the ram. Lube on the back o-ring of the ram is the biggest culprit for FSDO, this o-ring must remain free of lube as best you can. Do not lube it when you relube the ram.
If that does not work I would look into replace your ram o-rings.

My marker leaks down the barrel/out the feedneck.
Relube or Replace the ram body o-rings, that is the black body that holds the ram inside the marker.
If it's continues to leak replace the ram o-rings. Also check to make sure the poppet spring is seated properly on the poppet valve.

My marker won't cycle/ My Marker won't turn on.

Replace the battery with a fresh one, another common issue.
Check connections if this does not work.
Dragon/Russian Legion/Ripper 3/Species/Vice Intimidators
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Silent Hill Cyborg

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