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Well put Cerberus, but I still say eliminating the threat if possible comes before reconnaisance. I mean sure its fine and good to know where the enemy is, but its far nicer to see a squad of eight guys walking to the dead box, or stopped in there tracks with there heads down for several minutes. I mean think about it stopping a small batallion from getting to there destination is much more preferable than letting them get to the position and knowing there coming. I'd say a healthy 60/40 ratio would be an ideal for a paintball sniper. 60 percent of your objective is to eliminate the threat yourself or at least stop the enemy from getting anywhere important, and 40 percent telling your teammates where your engaging them and where they will go if the sniper is eliminated.

In real war this is idiotic because it's to high risk, but in paintball when in a sniper is eliminated he's going to come back and respawn eventually.
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