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Comparing the two LPR's side by side, LTD on top, standard on bottom.

The two stock bolts side by side, LTD on top, standard on bottom.

Comparing the two stock ram sleeves, Standard wrath on top, LTD on bottom.

Comparing the two ram caps, LTD on top, standard on bottom.

The two stock rams side by side, LTD on the left, standard on the right. Notice the raised neck on the standard model. That feature was later done away with with the interest of flexability.

Onto the body comparison. Here i have provided several photo's comparing a the Generation 1 to the LTD. Enjoy.

Here are the two stock ASA's detached, with the stock regs screwed in. The stock regs are basically bob long torpedo's in different shells, and as most wrath users found out, don't need to be replaced. The stock 10* ASA on the LTD has a port drilled for a guage, eliminating the need to put it on the reg, making the LTD a significant upgrade in ergonomic comfort.

The tops of the two ASA's are identical. The both use a fat oring to make the seal around the body. These ASA's are the same style as autococker ASA's.

Putting it all back together now. Here, i am putting my lightweight delrin ram back into my Gen. 1. In this picture, i have placed the ram side by side with the ram cap to show how far inside the cap the ram sits.

Here is the entire ram assembly put back together, ready to be placed back inside the body. Notice the return spring will stick out a little bit from the ram sleeve.

Meanwhile, back at the front of the marker, push the valve back into place, and reinstall the screw. It's not a bad idea to use teflon tape. Next to go in will be the valve pin/valve spring combo. The tip of the valve spring cradles the valve pin, use this to your advantage when poking around inside the gun trying to get the pin to slide into the valve.

Next to go in will be the LPR. The LP barb should line up with the LPR screw.

Screw in the LPR screw, there's only one hold to screw it into, so you can't make a mistake.

The ASA takes a particular kind of screw (a dumb statement, but this one a particularly evasive kind). Pictured from the top:

Make sure you twist the screw into the middle hole, it's the only hole that is threaded. The other two are air passage ports. To begin my demonstration of compatibility, i have installed the LTD's 10* ASA onto my Gen 1.

Furthermore, the LTD's bolt can also be used in the standard Wrath's. Here i will install the LTD's bolt.
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