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But this time, i will use an aftermarket bolt pin, this one made of delrin.

Installed in the marker, it looks like this.

Though there are minor details in the milling of the two grip frames, the LTD's can still be used on the standard Wraths. The LTD, however, cannot use standard wrath frames since there are no slots milled to make room for the LP barbs. For convenience sake, i did not bolt down the frame in this picture.

Before you put the frame back on, you're going to have to get the eye's placed just right so that you dont pinch and cut them in half. Take notice here, on the underside of the marker, the divots milled to give the eye wires safe passage.

Then, channel the eyes so that they wont be squished by the frame.

Because i installed the 10* ASA on my standard wrath, i have to divert the LP hose around the guage to the LP fitting on the LPR.

After connecting the LP hose, i went ahead and attached the grip frame back on.

Next, the main regulator.

Next, to further demonstrate compatibility, i installed the LTD's feedneck on my Gen 1, as shown here.

Again, to demonstrate compatibility, i have installed my LTD's yellow eye cover.

But i like the stock black ones better. =]

Back to the LTD, this reassembly isn't much different. Here is the complete ram assembly. The ram cap on the LTD slides into the ram sleeve to a certain extent, which is why the LTD's ram sleeve is a little longer than the standard wrath's. This time around, i am putting a ACP delrin bolt, which is advertised for the 'Wrath' and not specifically for the LTD (compatibility demonstration) into the marker.

Back at the front, the valve goes in first. Ensure the wide hole is facing you when you slide it into the body. Again, macroline is a great tool for pushing the valve into place. Avoid using metal objects such as screwdrivers or allen wrenches because it may scratch the lip of the valve, causing a very-difficult-to-repair leak.

It may be hard to see in this pic, but get the valve hole lined up with the hole drilled in the body.

Then screw in the valve placement screw.

With the valve installed, your ram assembly will now have something to rest against. Slide the whole thing into the back of the marker.

Take notice, that once inside, the assembly is able to spin around. This is useful for tinkering purposes, but the ram need to face up in order to put the bolt in.

Next, slide the bolt in, line up the bolt pin and the hole on the ram, and push the pin down into it. Voila.

Another demonstration of compatibility, the stock standard wrath feedneck can be installed on the LTD. To take off and put on this particular feedneck, I personally recommend you unscrew the exterior piece to allow your allen wrench's an easier reach.
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