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Screw it down on both sides. The two little silver screws seen here are what hold the neck in place. After you get it firmly bolted down, screw the outer piece of the feedneck back on.

So this is what you'll have thus far.

Ok, back to the front again, same deal, valve spring/valve pin combo goes in next.

In the LTD, the valve spring sits lower in the body due to the LPR placement.

The LPR screw must have a small oring around it to stop leaks. The LTD's LPR has tapped holes on four sides, just take your pic, and slide it into the body.

Next, to get the frame back on, you need to start with the LP barbs. First, disconnect one of the barbs from the LP hose, and screw that one on independently. The other LP barb leave connected, and spin the whole frame (or body) to screw the barb into the body. After it's seated, take the other LP hose (the one now without a barb) and re-unite it with it's long lost barb. Then, just like with the standard wrath, line up the eyes and bring the frame together with the body.

Everything should look flush and secure.

On a side note, it's not a bad idea or place an order for a lot of LP barbs and various wrath screws. The ones distributed by request by KEE (formerly NPS) are made of aluminum, rather than brass, therefore are less prone to snap.

Which leaves us here. I did not reinstall my eyes or covers because i'm currently working on this gun.

The standard Wrath's ASA can be put on the LTD, as pictured here, leaving you with a ready marker.

This leaves my project with lots of swapped parts.

Leave feedback.
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