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Well, I got a few toys for X-mas. First is the camera I am using. A Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W90 (8.1MP, 3x optical zoom, and very compact). Second is the new trigger my fiancée got me as a stocking stuffer. Hence my urge to take some pictures and share them (lucky you!).

Anyway, let me describe what you are looking at here (if you couldn't tell)...

This is my primary gat, a 2007 Proto Matrix Rail. I have added:
* Dye Ultra-Lite frame/grip
* Dye billet aluminum back cap (dust black)
* Dye billet aluminum eye-cover plates (dust black)
* Dye DM8 cam-lock feed neck (dust black)
* CP on/off ASA (dust black)
* Critical Paintball magnetic return billet aluminum trigger
* Deadly Wind "Whispur" carbon-fiber barrel (same thing as the "Fibur")
* SP Freak Stainless-Steel 8 piece barrel insert kit
* Blue Lucky "Lazer Eyes" (these were a gift, I wouldn’t have bought them my self. The stock eyes were just fine, but you cant beat free...)

Also running:
* Halo-B V35 & RIP Drive, running a Duey-Dog "Bone" rechargeable power pack & Delrin drive cone/Stainless Steel drive shaft
* Dye Throttle "Peanut" 70CUI/4500PSI HPA tank, running a Guerilla Air "Myth" regulator

For now I am finished with this marker. Perhaps in the future (if a good one comes out) I will upgrade internal parts like the bolt but the stock piece is by far the best one available at the moment.

I am also looking into getting a better board for the PMR. Ive yet to decide which board I want, or even if I want a board or just a reflash on the stock one yet... so that’s pretty far off. I tend to do a lot of research before buying anything.

Other then that, I cant really see anything else that I would want to do to this gun, it pretty much performs exactly how I want it to (and then some) and the thing is pretty much bullet proof. I haven't had issue one with this marker and I’ve owned it for almost a full year now (over 10 months).

Of course I could always see getting a better HPA tank (a CP 45/45 looks pretty good right now, since I'm into the whole light weight kick) and perhaps a better hopper (if one is made which is significantly better then mine).
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