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Body and Color: 94 left feed Black
Front and back block: 94 Stock/Stock
Frame: Benchmark
LPR: Mighty Mag
Ram (qevs if any): ANS (based off old clippard)
Pump arm: stock with slight offset
Bolt and pin: Unknown Delrin bolt (given to me as prototype) Custom milled titanium pin
Valve: AKA Tornado Valve
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: AKA Hammer and Spring kit
Ball Detent: Stock wire nubben
Cocking Rod: Unknown
Beavertail: Unknown
Feedneck: Limited print left hand feed (for the time)
Regulator: Palmers Stab on Vert asa, Palmers Rock on front block.
Barrel: AKA Javelin progressve bore
Air Tank:
Consistency: +/- 2 FPS
Efficiency: 200 PSI LP Cocker.
Amount of paint through the gun: 1000+ Cases
Date Received: Built May of 94
Problems?: None
Comments: This beast has never let me down, has seen fields on many parts of the world and played in all types of weather. Love my cocker as we all do.
SN# 31268

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