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Lightbulb Mini homebrew modifications *Do So At Own Risk*

It seems there is a growing number of small upgrades you can do to the Mini to increase the user friendliness of the marker. They may not change performance or efficiency, but they make general maintenance and adjustments easier. In this thread, I hope to share my findings to help others make the Mini more user friendly as well.

If you would like to add a homebrew mod, please include necessary tools, steps, and parts that are required, along with good quality pictures. it helps to set your camera to the 'macro' setting for close up shots.

This thread is not for adjustments or aftermarket accessories, such as buying new bolts, adjusting trigger pull, or dwell settings. Those are good to know, but belong in seperate threads.

Just because this can't be stated enough (Thanks Crede! ):

Originally Posted by Crede
Please read these threads in the Custom Modification section before posting:

Procedure for posting a modification

Common Sense Rule

***Readers should note that modifications to one's marker can void warranties and cause damage if not done properly. It is not wise to modify one's marker personally if one does not fully understand the procedure and feels comfortable doing so. That said, PBReview, the staff, or the contributors to this thread do not accept any responsibility if damage or a voiding of your warranty to your marker resulting from one of these modifications should occur.***
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