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Trigger magnet mod

I don't know who the original poster was of this mod, but here it is again for your reference.

Level of Difficulty:



Approximately $2

Materials needed:

Package of two rare earth magnets, round, about 1/8" tall. Found at RadioShack


1. Locate the exposed magnet that sits directly behind the lower trigger adjustment screw (the rear stop screw).
2. Place one of the rare earth magnets you purchased on top of the exposed magnet (the magnetic force should attact them)

You do not need to glue the magnet in place, the magnetism should do well enough

Invert Mini
circa-1997 Spyder Compact with Lapco Auto Spirit barrel

Redz Pepperstickz
VLocity Jr with Gangstar chip
Crossfire 45/45 LP tank

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