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Originally Posted by Lopez17 View Post
So far, to date, I think we've banned exactly one person for having too many infractions and he was up to like 12 in a 4 month period, all for the same stuff and by 6 different moderators. Believe me, if you got an infraction a year ago, while it may still show up, it's not exactly going to count against you for a ban. We all make mistakes, however, if the infractions show a history of one particular sustained action over short period of time, then we know there's an issue.
Its just a sign that the mods/admins don't trust their own users/contirbuters. Anytime you make a suggestion about the site or feel you were mistreated by another member or a mod, the arbiter of the decision is going to say, "oh, you have two infractions, I'm going to say that these won't affect my decision but they secretly will"
It's incredibly lame that someone could use *'s to stand for a word and 2 years later it is still hurting them.
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