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hey uh is there anybody interested in making a team with me?
Im 13 my ego 7 is in the mail. I guess im a good snake player
from what a ref told me at bellows..then again i was playing against
sucky people, but i was using an ion. ANYWAY lol yah i am on a budget
and the only reason why im getting an ego is cuz i got good grades
but ehh go ahead call me spoiled although i CAN play. So if your
interested hit me up at
by the way i live in Ewa Beach and bellows or K-BAY is too far
and like at bellows i can do fine..but at kaneohe for one thing theres
the old owner who yells at kids all the time and like i can always
sense other guys talking about me on how i have and ego and im playing
begginer so i dont bother going there buts the only place I CAN PRACTICE!
so if you are interested email me.
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