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Nine of them in total, including a home made launcher.

'05 WGP ProStock (pic) - the cool primary
midblocked, anodizing by Gruntbull, '05 Black Magic bolt & delrin pull pin, Check It rebuildable detent, Belsales Nexus ram, Eclipse QEV's, Eclipse Dart LPR, E2 cocking solenoid & Karnivor cover, MTX mQ2 valve, modified '05 Ego frame, Eclipse Etek grips, Tadao Yakuza OLED, CP Lightning drop, CP 2K7 mini on/off, Karnivor beavertail, AKA Sidewinder, 12" 2007 Powerlyte Scepter 7-bore kit, AGD Warp Feed w/ custom harness, Pro Team Products Warp feedneck adapter, Empire Reloader II/Pinokio

AGD Automag RT (pic) - old school awesome
Z-Grip, Powerfeed body, ReTro Valve, AM/MM Rail, Centerflag Dynaflow, custom hardline, Stock RT Barrel, smoke Warp Feed, 12v Mod, Luke Mounting Bracket

Dangerous Power G3 (pic) - the slick primary
APE upgrade board, Ruthless "Shank" trigger, Hybrid Gunsligner leather grips, TechT L7 Bolt Engine, Pinokio

'04 WGP ProStock (pic)- the pumper
CCM pump kit w/ custom return spring, CCM 45* frame, CCM valve, CCM heavy hammer & spring kit, WGP Ergo regulator, CP rail, Empire Nano on/off, Check It rebuildable detent, Check It BM cocking rod, 32* Magnum occluded sight, 14" 2004 Powerlyte Scepter 5-bore kit, Ninja 13/30, modified Winchester hopper

ANS GX-3 Chaos (pic)
Stock, as far as I can tell. Full Kaner kit, CP drop and on/off.

'05 Dye DMC (pic) - the loaner
Blue color accents, Blue virtue laser eyes, UL Frame, Virtue Board, Hyper 2 reg, Empire on/off, Critical Trigger, CCM feedneck, Dye Ultralite barrel

Tippmann A-5 (pic)- cool, I don't care what you think
APE E-grip & JCS Dual, Super R/T, q/d steel braided line, dual output right receiver, polished internals, G36 folding stock, Vortex, QEPH, Squishy Paddles, X-7 hopper, Lapco offset rail, Armson Prodot, 10" PPS Brass, Apex tip, PPS male Stablilizer, "X-7" valve, CMI micro-coil remote, Uncle Mike's q/d swivel sling mount

ACI Maverick (pic)- pump games and launcher sidearm
Brass Eagle 50rd hopper, CCI 12g bucket changer, CMI R2000 regulator, custom "Coke bottle" sound amplifier

The Lovemaker (pic)- the LAW
over/under barrel/chamber design, 78ci compression chamber, modified Watermaster 3/4" electrically piloted (18VDC) sprinkler valve, 27" ported and chamfered bolt action barrel, breech loading, custom ammo loading dowel, 100 psi operation, modified Kohler CO2 air tool regulator, custom wooden grip/regulator mounting brackets, electric safety, modified Delta 68 .45 grip frame and trigger, 125 psi pop-off valve (safety), shooting JCS F-69 foam rockets, 200 yard maximum range
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