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Charity Cocker build

Ok, I have spoken w/ Uziel and Lopez about this and got a go ahead on it. First some Q and A

What is a charity cocker?

The Charity cocker is a cocker built out of donations from various people, in our case and given away to a less fortunate player.

Why are you doing this?

I am doing this because I always need a build project and seeing as my collection has reached the point that I dont care much for common guns. Plus theres only a few that I want to get to finish my collection. But I like building guns so I thought up of this idea to build a cocker for someone else that wants a good gun but lacks funds for it. Another reason is that I feel I need to help someone else out seeing as I recieved alot of help with money and gear while I was younger. So this is my way of giving something to the younger generation of players that, like I did, lack money and had to rely on mooching of their parents to play and can barely afford it themselves. Now I have the money and time to pay my own way; I still support those sponsors I had years ago to this day for what they did for me and my team.

I like this idea, how can I be a part of it?

If you want to help out just donate some spare parts you have laying around. Since most of us hoard cockers we should have a good supply of spare parts laying around that dont get used. If you dont have parts to spare cash donations will be more then welcomed. The cash would be spent towards parts that arent donated and anodizing.

How can we trust that your not just going to scam us out of parts and/or cash?

I lack motive to. The only guns that I'm depreate to get are an older evo, PBX Autorocker, and an Aurora. Why would I want to scam you out of parts/cash, I have money as my collection shows. This is nothing more then a project to take up some off my spare time. Also I'm getting to the point that I build cockers then sell them to players for fun and loseing money on every one. If I wanted your money I would just put up fake BST threads with most of my cockers. I dont need parts, I have more then I need as it is.

So why dont you just use your spare parts and build one if you have that many parts?

Simply put, I could do that but it wouldn't have the same meaning to it as it could possibly have. Admit it we all have people that helped us while we were younger and trying to get into the sport wether it be money for paint/gear or just that ride to the field. Most of my team is still in this phase and I have no problem buying them a case of paint for practice just so they can play and have fun. Plus theres a difference between me buying a blank body, milling it, building it with the best parts I can find, getting it anno'd and the same thing but with more people involved.

What is in this for me?

Nothing really, just knowing that your helping less fortunate players. Who knows what will become of the lucky player that recieves this marker once finished. For all we know s/he could be the next Oliver Lang. But directly this is a goo thing to do for those that dont have what we have whether it be money to play or to buy nice gear.

Please post any questions or comments about this here.

Thanks and lets hope this works out as I planed,
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