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Flamethrower! I'm glad to see you posting again! When you didn't post for 4 months I was getting worried.

Originally Posted by Flamethrower View Post
"Don't slit your wrists Cain" ~Alex

I bet you thought I was dead, huh? You guys aren't getting away that easy.

I am still alive and kicking. Don't remember what day i am at 550-600 something. Things are good. Since I have about 3 minutes to type this right now I will keep it short. I am still not working. Still fighting GVHD. Still on the roids. Still on 20 different meds, and the pill count is up to 37 per day. Spirits are high, and I'm keeping on, keeping on.
Glad you're still doing well as far as the transplant is concerned, but wow I would have thought the pills would have been tapering off by now! I think the docs just like prescribing you stuff for fun. It seems like half the pills you take are to treat the side effects of other pills.
It's going to be Obama V McCain. All hope is lost.
Hang in there man, Hillary could still get it!
Longer update in a bit.

Remeber it's all fun and games untill someone looses a nut.
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You are smart.
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<-- legend. like a mod, but without powers or motivation.
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