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Originally Posted by invisible man View Post
Yeah, i have used both, from the two the halo b has really stood out in everything. But i have a quick question.

I hear people saying that halos put a little pressure on the balls even when they are not fireing. Well, how come when i put my finger up the feedneck to see if the eyes work, the blades dont move at all? Sure, i know that this is a really stupid question but i want to settle this once and for all. When i do a drop test on my halo, and put my hand under the feedneck to stop the balls how come when i open the lid i dont see anything happening that the egg 2 doesnt do. Is there a way you can tell? I know this is stupid but i have been wondering this for a long time. Thanks.
The halo motor winds the spring under the drive cone to have continous pressure on the ball stack
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