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Need Some Help

I purchased a generation 2 first endeavor two weeks ago. I am have a hard time getting help. is down, e-mail the UK site have not heard from them for 4 days now. When I turn the air on sometimes I get a bad spike on the LPR higher than 300psi. After I fire the gun one time pressure drops to 90psi but will slowly rise to 200psi on low pressure gage, this would happen in about 1 minute. I would shut the air off as soon as I finished playing and shot it one time so the pressure would not climb. After a day of playing, it now takes about 3 minutes to climb to 200psi. I have a new HPR CP reg on my Auto Cocker and installed it on my Quest and still had the same problem. the LPR looks ok. How can I fix this. Hope you can help me. Would buy a low pressure reg if I could find one.


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