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The LPR valve core outer o-ring (more like a rubber band) had two nicks in it. I did a temporary fix on it for now. Will take 45 minutes now to rise to 200psi. Waiting for FEP to get back to me, then will fix it right.

Clean the HPR now spikes are not as bad now, the highest one I seen now is 200psi and not as frequent when I turn on the air. Break-in will fix it 100% I think.

I like this gun a lot so far. Can shot this thing almost twice as fast as my NXT Shocker with some upgrades on it. Going to order another one to night for my daughter. If you are thinking of buying one try this site. ( I will say that the first one was missing the O-Ring kit and the Lube. Not that big of a Deal. Did not complain at is price $399.99. I use Smartparts Sleek Lube for the bolt right now, Dow grease is to thick for the cold. When it warms up will mix Sleek Lube and Teflon Grease for the summer.


PS Had to make a tool to get the Valves out of the LPR and HPR. You can get the LPR valve out with a good pair of needle nose pliers, but be very careful. Do not try it with the HPR valve, the threads sealed in place and there is no outer o-ring.

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