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Critical paintball are now the recommended source for FEP spares. They are happy to ship to the UK, but if it is just o-rings or other seals you need, postage will cost more than the parts.

NPS Europe (KEE Europe now? Don't know, haven't dealt with them in ages) used to distribute them over here, but I don't think that they sold very well - like most markers sold by NPS Europe, they overpriced them heavily.

FEPs own European distributor is based in Belgium. I've tried to contact them in order to purchase a Snatch Pin, Headlock, and Gold Member bolt, but haven't had a response after e-mailing them weeks ago.

Hater Sauce is the recommended lubricant.

As for your problem, if the seal on the Schrader valve was damaged, then that is most likely the cause of your LPR problem. However, if it persists after you get the seals replaced, another possibility is the middle o-ring on the bolt. That o-ring separates the HP air in the bolts dump chamber from the LP air being used to cycle the bolt. So if HP air were slowly leaking passed that o-ring, it would mix with the LP air, increasing the pressure, which would register on the LP gauge.
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