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if you want to use CO2, as ilive said it'll be rougher on your o-rings and internal seals, and performance will suffer. if liquid CO2 gets into the solenoid of your gun, you're gonna be paying $80 for a new solenoid, plus more for installation.

The bottom line is, this gun was made to use HPA, not CO2. If you use CO2 you must use an anti-siphoned tank, and it is highly recommended that you use a male Palmer Stabilizer inline reg. You can also add a female stabilizer to act as your ASA, this will give you the best and safest setup for CO2. But by then you'll have spent around $200 and might as well have just bought an HPA tank.

HPA and compressed air are the same thing. Nitrogen is different, since it is pure nitrogen gas while HPA is air like what you breathe, except filtered and pressurized. But for the purposes of paintball, Nitrogen and HPA and Compressed Air all do the same thing.

You can typically get an HPA tank in two pressure capacities, 3000psi and 4500psi. The 4500psi tanks can hold a higher pressure of air, and thus you will get more shots off a 4500psi tank than you would get from a 3000psi tank of the same size. This brings us to the next aspect of tanks, the cubic inches, which is how you measure the size of the tank. I'd recommend a 45ci or 68ci tank. I know some companies are making 48ci, 70ci, and 72ci tanks, those are a good size as well. Size is just preference and depends on how large a tank you want to carry around on the field. I feel that 68 is a good balance of capacity and size. 45ci is for ppl who want something really small.

You can get steel or carbon fiber HPA tanks. Steel ones can only hold 3000psi, and are quite heavy. Carbon fiber tanks are lighter and can hold either 3000 or 4500psi. I'd definately go with carbon fiber, and definately get 4500psi if you can.

So basically, a 68/4500 or 45/4500 tank will probably serve you best. Crossfire, Macdev, and CP all make very good tanks. I feel that Crossfire generally is the best value since they're pretty reasonably priced, and are some of the best performers around. CP and Macdev tanks are a little pricier, but are great tanks as well. Can't go wrong with any of these three. Guerilla Air also makes very good tanks for reasonable prices.

The promaster accepts any ASA with an inline two-hole mounting screw configuration, which is pretty much the standard mounting config among paintball guns. So if it has two screw holes in a straight line (and not diagonal from each other), you're golden. Some ASA's mount directly to the gun (CP Direct mounts and CheckIt Unimounts) while others use a rail to mount to the gun, and then the ASA is a separate piece that attatches to the rail (CP, New Designz, AKA, Macdev, etc).

My two favorite ASA's are probably the CP Direct Mount and CheckIt Unimount. The CP is more expensive but easier to take on and off the gun because it is one piece. The Unimount is a unique two piece ASA using an ASA/cage system, and is cheaper than the CP and very widely used.

The Trinity unimounts, as ilive mentioned, are a decent value but I'd get a CheckIt instead. The Trinity ones are really tough to turn, and if I'd kept my Borg I would have eventually replaced that ASA. The checkit ones are definately better made.

do NOT get a drop-forward.
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