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Originally Posted by pmrkidd4 View Post
when i put my tank in my 07 blue just leaks air and i dont know what macro-line is in and the bolt is fine and the tank has air..what is the problem???

Please do not bump a non-trade thread. Up'ing threads is only allowed in the trade forums, and then, only once every twenty four hours. You need to give people more than 4 minutes to respond to a question.

Having said that, in order to help you, you really need to give us some more info. We could guess at all kinds of reasons your marker may be leaking, but they would just be guesses. Right now, the only person who has the first idea where the marker is leaking from is yourself. Narrow the area down for us, or we can't really give you a specific answer. All we can suggest right now is what Grim has said to do, and that is to check every single o-ring.
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