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werr herro AOT.

So i got my dad's car. everything was going fine, just like every other time. then i'm pulled over. apparently i had my brights on and didn't even notice. parents come and pick me up, i feel like ****, yadayada. I'm 16 and i have never been issued a license or a permit (i take my written test next week for the permit). I'm charged with driving without a license and use of high-beams within 500 feet of oncoming traffic. I have no prior record at all, i had a constructed possession of alcohol several months back but i'm pretty sure it got completely dropped because we called and got out of going to court and everything. i'm supposed to go to court i believe either next tuesday or the one after that.

btw: i was entirely cooperative and polite with the officer, although he was a total dick.

so my question is: what's going to happen? has anyone else been through this? I've heard rumors that i won't be able to get my license until i'm 18 now. but i looked around online briefly and i saw things like up to a $500 fine and/or up to 90 days in prison.

by the way: i don't need a bunch of you people scolding me and telling me i'm stupid. I'm completely aware of that and i'm my own biggest critic. plus, i have some pretty pissed off parents and team mates.
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