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Originally Posted by cclaxattack30 View Post
Your coach is an idiot for making you do that before a game day.
Last year on JV, our coach always made us practice the hardest before the games. He thought it would carry over to the next game. Wrong. Although we were really talented, almost our whole starting lineup should have been on Varsity instead of seniors who never played, having a rough workout the day before never helps.
Originally Posted by Rocklobster1 View Post
what happens if you are caught driving without your license? I have forgotten my wallet a couple of times...
That's different. I lost my wallet for a month over the summer and drove almost every day. At least here, you just have to get your license validated and it's just a normal ticket. Same thing if you don't have your car insurance with you. You have to call the company while the officer is there and it's all good.

I got my car back today too. It was in the body shop because a friend of mine backed into me and knocked a piece of the bumper off. They gave it a car wash too, such nice guys.
Originally Posted by Ebonclaw
PBR is like crack, but cheaper, and slightly less detrimental effets on your mind...
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