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Originally Posted by bronze View Post
Okie tons of reasons why cops can pull you over. Your changing lanes, not obeying speed limit, tailgating. Your vehicle taillight might be out. They may see the stickers on ur car which means your a teenage punk who wants to get a ticket. so they'll pull you over anyway. vehicle may be on the hot sheet for stolen cars. illegaly modifcations, such as exhaust or tires. the list is endless.
Those fall under the "or anything" in my post.
Drive like a saint, and it's less likely they'll pull you over.

I doubt he has stickers on the car seeing how it's most likely his parents' car he's driving.
Originally Posted by inuyasharox4776 View Post
lols, p8nt freak, I could imagine your court hearing now.

*insert name here* is guilty of 2 charges of epic lulz.
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