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So you've waited a year huh? Big friggen deal. Here is a thread posted by Bluefish (Max Sprinkle, yes that's his name) over on the PhOG, where he just recently received his custom Phantom from Lee after two + years.

The man is working very very hard. He is working a full time job to pay off extensive medical bills. He had his car broken into and stolen, so he had to replace that. So what little spare time he does have he is in his shop doing as much work as possible to the many different projects he has been working on just to get people to shut the hell up and leave him alone.

You giving out all of his personal information is a great invasion of Lee's personal information. Him getting harassed and even threatened on his life, is why he no longer gives out his information. Really, I think you have no right at all to give out his personal information, it's not going to get things done any faster, quite the contrary, it's just going to take a hell of a lot longer now.
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