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Wow. I actually logged in. It says my last visit was 11-23-2003 at 6:19 pm.
I was directed here from another message board, in a thread about Punisher.

I've known about his work for about fifteen years, and in all that time he always maintained a reputation of a minimum of 12 months on any project. Waiting a year or two was to be expected, pretty much common knowledge. And it was always worth the wait.
Why do people think they're special?
The man is doing what he's always done, and getting grief for it. No wonder he's quitting.

So you've waited a year huh? Big friggen deal. Here is a thread posted by Bluefish (Max Sprinkle, yes that's his name) over on the PhOG, where he just recently received his custom Phantom from Lee after two + years.
Thanks for the link, my old bunkerboyz didn't work any more...
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