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We've been down this path many times and my personal stance on misrepresentation is not hidden by any means.

This thread provides complaint information and advice for a legal solution to complaints against one individual by a customer who didn't get their product and/or services. Simple as that. Not a thread to prove or argue guilt.

Dropping in here to defend Mr. Kinney is both futile and completely unecessary. This is an information exchange and this poster has valuable information for anyone who chooses how to handle their dealings with Punisher. This entire matter is in the hands of the appropriate authorities and thus, out of our hands for the time being.

This forum section is a tool for members to share experiences, positive or negative (mostly negative unfortunately) about individuals and/or commercial organizations. This thread directs people where to go and what information they need if they are in a similar situation.

You want a pissing match? Take it to PM's.
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