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I KNOW that if I had seen feedback anything like these threads on Kinney years ago, I'd never have done business with him to start with. Unfortunately, at that time...there was no bad feedback. Every time someone posted some, the legion would pounce on the forum and lobby the mods to delete it. So when all I found was happy discussion and no complaints, I assumed things would go well. When I made the deal, we surely didn't talk about a 3 year + turnaround. It was implied it would be less than a year. These threads NEED to exist. If you think you know better, feel free to send him work and support him. There are numerous feedback forums like MCB, PBN, PHOG, AO, that have sections for nothing but feedback. If you had a wonderful experience or have an understanding about business with Lee that others don't understand...THAT'S the place to defend him. He desperately needs positive feedback. If you have it to give, do it in a thread designed for the purpose. HB just got a marker he commissioned in 2005. Where is his feedback post? Shane-O on MCB got half of his work back. I THINK he posted something positive about it somewhere. Thats it in what? 6 years? Give him some positive feedback if he has earned it. Griefing Don is pointless.
People need to know even if it is just to hammer home that an airsmith finishes the work whenever he does and not a minute sooner.
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