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I'm gonna drop in one more time just to exchange a bit more information, if you don't mind.
There is never a way to condone what are reprehensible business practices. I just don't believe that a one year wait from Punisher constitutes misrepresentation, and I'll tell you why.(from my point of view)

I've been playing paintball almost 20 years. I knew of Punishers' work nearly fifteen years ago. I joined the internet about nine years ago.
So you see, I knew his rep long before I had access to mass communications. I'm way up here in Connecticut, a long way from civilization, and yet all I ever heard was that it took an eternity to come back, and it was worth the wait.
Then I found out for myself. I currently have a KP2 done over by Lee that took over two years to get in my hands, and it's been my primary gun of choice for almost a decade, out of over 60 in my collection. In my opinion the stories are true that it's worth the wait and the man really is (or was) an "Airsmith to the Gods"
Warfinge is right that there needs to be more feedback on custom work, and that the positive needs to be addressed as much as the negative. In my case, the few places I posted it either no longer exist, or it's so far back in the archives that nobody sees it. Starting a thread 10 years later is kinda pointless, so all I can do is appreciate being able to reply to new threads on the subject.
Donna says:
only after months of no contact did I seek (and easily discover) a whole list of people, across various forums, in the same situation.
Two things unfortunate about that. First, that you were unaware before the fact and had to learn the hard way. Anything "easily discovered" after the fact is merely hindsight. I assume that what you found involved the Crowd Buster fiasco, since there were numerous threads on a good number of message boards over that.
The second unfortunate thing is that I'm in the same boat, due to that particular debacle.

Originally Posted by DagNasty View Post
This forum section is a tool for members to share experiences, positive or negative (mostly negative unfortunately) about individuals and/or commercial organizations. This thread directs people where to go and what information they need if they are in a similar situation.
I appreciate your allowing us to do this, and I may find the information useful, myself being in that similar situation.
I don't deny or dispute any claims laid against Punisher. My own claims total $1,700 on product that was due for completion June, 2005.
If there's anything I'm defending, it's the experiences that I'm trying to share.
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