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Alright, I have alot of ****, and very little money. This means you guys get this stuff for cheap. Everything is OBO, but be reasonable, especially since most of my prices are ridiculously low as it is. I do have paypal, I will not ship first, and you can catch me on aim at dantriggerhappy or e-mail me at
If you choose to use paypal, you will compensate me for the 2.3% fee. Also, these prices are without shipping, I will ship however you want me to.

There is no particular order for the stuff, and the pictures are probably out of order as well, but deal with it, and look through the pictures to find the stuff.

-Ride Rythm Snowboarding Boots: Used for one season, size 9.5, 25$
-Grey Burton Snowpants, 5,000 mm, size large: Used for two seasons, 40$
-Binding highback, good for tool storage, used maybe three times, 7$
-32 Boot bag, brand new, still got tags on it, 15$
-Palmer Powerlink Risers: 20$ (hardware included)
-Venture Trucks w/ Quicksilver bearings and darkstar wheels (about 10 years old, been sitting around for 8 probably, very little use) 25$
-Liquid Force Limited Edition team bindings, w/ extra overlay for the one that I broke in the back, I just never got around to switching it, 100$
-Nike Zoom Air turf cleats, size 9.5, not smelly, 2 seasons old, 15$
-Unique 3+2 down w/ejectors, 10$
-Some JT mask, scratched lens, with spare visors, 2$ (or if someone wants it, just pay s&h and its yours)
-Verizon Jabra headset, NIB, 5$
-Belkin FM Transmitter, 10$
-Zippo Guts, flint is in decent shape as well as wick, I bought a butane insert for my zippo so this is left over, 5$
-Old itrip for earlier generation ipods, 10$
-Cingular razr and travel charger, 50$ (note: I was complaining to my friend about needing a new phone, so he stole this for me when he was drunk, but I have verizon so it is useless to me)
-Xbox, 3 large controllers, 1 s controller, DVD playback kit, 2 copies of amped 2, brute force, some fitness game, and everything else xbox related in the picture (I will part out), 75$
-ps2 time crisis 3 w/ gun, 25$
-ps2 airgrav w/ motion camera, 25$
-ps2 atv off road fury 2, 8$
-ps2 socom 2 (scratched but works), 8$

Enjoy pictures, and please, offer up, I need to get rid of everything! Also, if I didn't list something that is in the pictures, it's becuause I forgot to list it, so put an offer on it.


I also have a pair of custom brine defts, 13" royal and athletic gold for sale, 65$+ shipping, one season old.
Xbox 360 stuff: Nyko intercooler, 5$, Perfect Dark Zero: 10$

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