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I think for the most part, everyone has been professional. And for the record, before I dealt with Lee, I didn't have the option of searching for feedback, because I was downrange (Iraq). The internet is SO slow there, and there are time limits, after the long wait.
Anyway, I asked Officer Papke to email Lee regarding this. She did. His response was that the work had been done for months and months now. So I asked her to email him again as to why I have never received so much as a reply, let alone my gun. She did. His response was to ship it last Monday and email her the tracking number.
Problem is, being active duty, I move a lot. I'm moving across the country in a month infact. I remember beating Lee's email up making sure he got the correct addresss. The gun was actually given to me free by the company owner because I was downrange. I'm hoping, since it shipped Priority Mail on Monday, that it comes at least to a FT Knox address, and not to the Iraq address I sent it from. I still can't get status, but hey, at least we know he won't fail to reply to her.

Right after that email I got an auto-generated email from the Oregon state DA's office. Apparently more people are using their online form to complain about Punisher's customs. I can say one thing, Officer Papke is the very reason he shipped it this week.
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