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I just like to put in some of my input on my dealings with punisher customs. I knew sending work to punisher would not be quick. I sent him an grip frame of an action marker dits and a raw chunk of paintball body and ask him to go at it.I sent him 290.00 in the box (postal money order and two months later sent him another 100.00.) I sent him one email at 7 months to see if there were any problems or question he needed like anno color or how the body should look. at the time he was still backed up on other jobs but his message board was still working (shop updates.) read about his stress colds and cutting of his finger that stopped him from working for a few weeks. I left lee alone for six more months and sent lee an email I got a reply and few images of marker almost done (was splashed anno black and had fish scale type body and custom eye covers). I sent lee an email to see if i owed him more money then i had sent to cover the anno and any other work. three weeks went by with no reply from lee.
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